The Absolute Cosmos(The law of the Absolute)
Part I   Part II   Part III
Part I Substance space and image space

Chapter 1 ‘Space’ Chapter 26 Substance and Image (feeling)
Chapter 2 Time Chapter 27 Cutting-Time
Chapter 3 Force Chapter 28 Resonance Ratio
Chapter 4 Stillness and Motion Chapter 29 The Moon
Chapter 5 The Cubic (Three-dimensional) space Chapter 30 Real Time and Imaginary Time
Chapter 6 Recurrence Chapter 31 Time Isn’t Substance But Just a Concept
Chapter 7 Circular Motion Chapter 32 Reality
Chapter 8 Rewinding Chapter 33 Past・Present・Future
Chapter 9 Linear reciprocating motion Chapter 34 Horizontal World and Vertical World
Chapter 10 The Concept (of Absence) Chapter 35 Mistaken Space Theory
Chapter 11 Particles and Waves Chapter 36 The Life (finite) and the death (infinity)
Chapter 12 Darkness and Light Chapter 37 Whole and part
Chapter 13 Pair annihilation Chapter 38 Impossible Way of Thinking
Chapter 14 "Only one space" or "Two spaces" Chapter 39 Law only for Human Being
Chapter 15 Light and Time and motion Chapter 40 New Mankind
Chapter 16 Image ‘space’ Chapter 41 History of Mankind at ‘Space’ Level
Chapter 17 Five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) Chapter 42 Movement of Axis
Chapter 18 Stillness and Motion (2) Chapter 43 True History
Chapter 19 The Law of Trinity Chapter 44 Phase Transition
Chapter 20 The Law of Octave Chapter 45 Triple States (three bodies/three phases) Change
Chapter 21 The World of Absolute Relativity Chapter 46 Crystallized ‘Space’ and Chaotic ‘Space’
Chapter 22 Figures Chapter 47 Fundamental ‘Space’ and Illusionary ‘Space’
Chapter 23 The World of "Interval" Chapter 48 Change of Phase = Fear of Death
Chapter 24 Absolute 1 & Absolute Relative 3 Chapter 49 Ultimate Phase Transition
Chapter 25 Finite and Infinite Chapter 50 Phase Transition for An Organic Life (Human Being)

Part II The law of absolute

Chapter 1 "Theory" and "Law" Chapter 26 The human beings are out of control
Chapter 2 Orphan in ‘Space’: Human Chapter 27 The right view of "two spaces"
Chapter 3 The science and religion taken the wrong approach Chapter 28 The wrong view of "only one space"
Chapter 4 (Grand) Unified Theory Chapter 29 The right view of "only one space"
Chapter 5 Principle of Entropy Increase Chapter 30 Turning point of the way of thinking
Chapter 6 Law in Unknown World Chapter 31 Evolution for a mankind
Chapter 7 Known World and Unknown World Chapter 32 Evolution in ‘space’
Chapter 8 Absoluteness and Relativism Chapter 33 (Relative) Figure
Chapter 9 Science and Religion Chapter 34 (Absolute) Figure
Chapter 10 Uncertainty Chapter 35 (Absolute relative) Figure
Chapter 11 Certainty Chapter 36 The way of (Absolute relative) living
Chapter 12 Certainty and uncertainty Chapter 37 The evolution
Chapter 13 Theory of Relativity Chapter 38 An evolving coefficient
Chapter 14 Theory of Absolute Relativity Chapter 39 The world of radix (N) and exponent (N)
Chapter 15 Uncertainty Principle Chapter 40 An unique side (1) and common side (2)
Chapter 16 Certainty principle Chapter 41 Absolute and relative and absolute relative
Chapter 17 The new works Chapter 42 Mathematical meaning for circular motion
Chapter 18 The earth Chapter 43 The world of 1(n) = 1n
Chapter 19 The rotation and the revolution Chapter 44 The world of 2(n)
Chapter 20 The earth and the human being Chapter 45 The world of 2n
Chapter 21 The core of the law of absolute Chapter 46 The world of n(n) = The world of nn
Chapter 22 The absolute motion and the relative motion Chapter 47 Time and space
Chapter 23 The law of static-motion Chapter 48 Misunderstanding (self identification)
Chapter 24 The view of "only one space" and "Two spaces" Chapter 49 The world of life and the world of death
Chapter 25 The relative monism of utilitarianism Chapter 50 The world of the law of absolute

Part III The absolute theory of evolution

Chapter 1 The theory of ‘space’ evolution Chapter 26 The appearance and peak of the ancestor of human being (the New Man)
Chapter 2 The evolution from nothingness to thingness Chapter 27 Ramification (Evolution) of human beings’ civilization
Chapter 3 The ancestor of mankind Chapter 28 The birth of common (human) society
Chapter 4 Revival of the evolution Chapter 29 The birth of beneficial (human) society
Chapter 5 Pregnancy (‘Big bang’) Chapter 30 The peak of beneficial society = farming society
Chapter 6 Ramification = Evolution Chapter 31 The birth of ancient civilization
Chapter 7 Evolution of universal gravitation Chapter 32 The appearance of the first key age
Chapter 8 Ramification (Evolution) of elementary particle Chapter 33 The appearance of the Messiah
Chapter 9 Ramification (Evolution) of atom Chapter 34 The appearance of modern society
Chapter 10 Ramification (Evolution) of molecule Chapter 35 The appearance of modern scientific civilization
Chapter 11 The birth of (nebula) ‘space’ Chapter 36 The appearance of society of great war (group cannibalism)
Chapter 12 The birth of (fixed) star Chapter 37 The appearance of information-oriented (money-worship) society
Chapter 13 The birth of (planet/satellite) the earth and moon Chapter 38 The extermination crisis
Chapter 14 The birth of the creatures on the earth Chapter 39 The birth of time (motion)
Chapter 15 The birth of the organic life on the earth Chapter 40 Expansion (Evolution) and shrinking (regression)
Chapter 16 The appearance of the fishes in the sea Chapter 41 The final stage of circle motion
Chapter 17 The appearance of the plants on the land Chapter 42 ‘Space’ beyond thingness/nothingness
Chapter 18 The appearance of the amphibians (land animals) Chapter 43 Beyond ‘space’
Chapter 19 The appearance of the reptiles Chapter 44 "Three spaces"
Chapter 20 The appearance of the primitive mammals Chapter 45 Nothingness/Thingness/Limit
Chapter 21 The appearance of the modern mammals Chapter 46 The existential meaning of ‘space’
Chapter 22 The appearance of the primates (anthropoid) Chapter 47 Audience ‘space’
Chapter 23 The appearance of the ancestor of mankind (an ape) Chapter 48 False society of human beings
Chapter 24 The appearance and peak of the primitive man Chapter 49 The world of law beyond absolute and relative
Chapter 25 The appearance and peak of the Old Man Chapter 50 The law of beyond ‘space’ evolution


So-called ‘space’ was born 13.7 billions years ago with a great explosion called the ‘big bang’.
‘Space’ born with the ‘big bang’was divided into four kinds of forces: G-force, strong force, weak force and electric force, immediately after the ‘big bang’began to make a circular motion.
It is reported that ‘space’, where had been one-force space 13.7 billions years ago, began to make a circular motion after ramifying into four kinds of forces by the explosion.
Then, light was born by pair annihilation, the collision of the positive matter of X particle with the antimatter, moreover, sound was born.
It is ‘motion space of light and sound’ that we call ‘space’.
On the other hand, space before the ‘big bang’can be said ‘static space of darkness and silence’
Therefore, ‘static space of darkness and silence’ is ‘space’ of absolute stillness while it would be possible to say that ‘motion space of light and sound’ is relative ‘space’ between static and motion.
The theory of relativity is neither the motion theory nor the static theory but the static and motion theory.
I dare say the motion theory is the static and motion relative theory; the static theory is the absolute static theory.
Albert Einstein’s ‘the theory of relativity’ has a special theory of relativity and a general theory of relativity.
The special theory of relativity says that the speed of light is absolute velocity and there is nothing faster than the speed of light and maintains that everything except light is relative velocity.
That is why the speed of light is defined as C. (C=constant)
The general theory of relativity says that universal gravitation works on everything in ‘space’ where the speed of light is absolute velocity (C=constant) and the fact that universal gravitation works means it is motion ‘space’ .
The reason why the earth revolves around the sun is universal gravitation working between the sun and the earth, in other words the revolution of the earth was a result of getting caught in the warp of space by huge gravity of the sun.
The theory of relativity is the quintessence of the motion theory, as physics is the motion theory though the theory of relativity is said to be the quintessence of modern physics.
As described at the beginning, the motion theory is the static and motion relative theory, so the static theory also has to be included.
Needless to say, the static theory must be based on the absolute static theory.
We must describe the static theory first when talking about the motion theory.
We must describe the law of absolute first when talking about the theory of relativity.
My intention in this book lies in treating ‘static space of darkness and silence’ which is a founder of ‘motion space of light and sound’ we call ‘space’.
What is ultimate limits of ‘space’ ?
What is the infinite world?
That’s my intension to describe them in this book.

December 3rd 2005 Satoshi Nitta

At the end

We human beings seem to be living in the perverse world.
The perverse world could be said image ‘space’ or motion ‘space’ or relative ‘space’.
It is nothing but perversion to think image as substance.
It is nothing but perversion to think dream as realty.
To put in another way,
It has been our human beings to make perverse evolution.
It is nothing but degeneration which is perverse evolution to think image as substance.
It is nothing but degeneration which is perverse evolution to think dream as realty.
It is nothing but degeneration which is perverse evolution for human being’s evolution.
Should we understand that our real human being’s parent is not our mother and father but only the earth, we will be able to reach the conclusion of the law of beyond ‘space’ evolution which unify the real theory of ‘space’ and evolution.
It is the proof that we come back to the mother earth when we die.

May 18 2006 Satoshi Nitta